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Crowds Assault Churches in Pakistan Following Allegations of Quran Desecration

Hundreds of men attacked Christian communities and torched churches in a town in Pakistan on August 16 following accusations against two Christians of desecrating

Pakistan country of concern

Pakistan Should be Called Country of Concern Over Religious Persecution

The country has institutionalized discrimination A number of influential United States Senators have recommended that Pakistan be designated - 'country of particular concern'. The

Man Sentenced to Death as Pakistan’s War Against Blasphemy Intensifies

Taimoor Raza is the first person to be sentenced to death for making blasphemous comments on social media. Today’s digital world is governed by

Jakarta’s Governor Ahok Imprisoned for Blasphemy

Jakarta governor Ahok is found guilty of blasphemy in court. The Chinese-origin Christian governor of Jakarta has been sentenced to two years in prison

How to Determine the Difference Between Mental Illness and Demonic Possession

An exorcist explains how to spot a real demonic possession. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (paragraph 1673), exorcism is the process

These Countries Will Send You to Jail for Blasphemy

Anti-Blasphemy laws around the world. The world is fast advancing to a modernized, more globalized lifestyle. However, even today, religious freedom is a matter

Pakistani Christian on the Run Charged with Blasphemy Over WhatsApp Poem

Christian man whose WhatsApp poem insulted Muhammad is charged with blasphemy, punishable by death. In Pakistan, insulting Islam is punishable by death. Last week,

Violence, Gore, and Blasphemy in AMC’s New Show ‘Preacher’

A small town preacher is given the power to speak to god after his town is destroyed in AMC's upcoming TV show Preacher. It’s

‘SNL’ “God Is A Boob Man” Skit Angers Some Christians

SNL's spoof "God Is A Boob Man" didn't go over too well with some Christians Two weeks after the release of the Christian film

Religious Freedom Endangered by Rise in Blasphemy Law Use Led by Pakistan

Blasphemy law use on rise, led by Pakistan: US group (via AFP) Governments around the world are increasingly invoking blasphemy laws, with Pakistan by