God’s Not Dead, Christian Movie Series is Working on Part 3

Pure Flix co-founder David A.R. White confirms God’s Not Dead 3 is in the works.

In an exchange between David A.R.White and CNSNews, it was revealed Pure Flix, the studio that distributed the first two films, will likely be involved in the production of a third installment. David A.R. White, who also happens to be the partner and co-founder of Pure Flix, will make an appearance in the third installation as well.

‘God’s Not Dead’ Christian Movie Series is Working on Part 3[/tweetthis]

In his statement to CNSNews, David mentions that the rumors of another God’s Not Dead movie are true and that the previous installment even had an Easter egg indicating the possible plot for the upcoming sequel. The movie is currently said to be in the planning phase.

David added, the team was praying about what path the next movie should take and that they were only interested in following God’s lead and not their own.

Earlier films

The first part of the film series deals with the story of a college student who has his Christian faith challenged by his philosophy professor, who happens to be an atheist. The story basically ends with the student winning the argument on God’s existence.

The film, which was made on a $2 million budget, managed to earn a whopping $62 million in revenue. The success of the initial film lead to the filming of the sequel titled, God’s Not Dead 2. The sequel dealt with a similar theme wherein a teacher is sued for referencing Jesus as a historical figure in a class about the history of non-violence.

After the rolling of the credits in God’s Not Dead 2, we see a post-credit scene showing one of the characters, a Pastor Dave, being arrested and asked to submit his sermons to law enforcement authorities. This is likely the Easter egg that David A.R. White mentioned. 


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