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Top 5 Reasons to Study Religion in College

study religion
By Moyan Brenn from Anzio, Italy (Study) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Trying to decide what to study in college? Here are the Top 5 reasons to study religion.

Are you a college student who is now on the stage of choosing a major? Or perhaps, a parent who is trying to provide the best career options to your child? You might think of the most common and obviously lucrative degrees like accounting, business, architecture, engineering, IT, education, nursing and medicine. But have you ever considered religion?

If you have answered no to the question above, you are not alone. Religion is not really a popular major or degree. There are several reasons including misconceptions as to why only a few students choose to pursue religious studies. Most people think that when you study religion, you will become a priest, a devotee or religious individual, etc. Some are also concerned about the career path or employment opportunity after completing the degree. And perhaps, the most obvious reason is that religion is being perceived as a boring or uninteresting subject by today’s youth who are now becoming more and more secular.

But why should you study or pursue religious studies. Here are 5 of the best reasons:

1. It’s an untapped opportunity

Since there are only few students who choose to study religion and eventually complete their degree, it essentially means that only few individuals are enjoying the opportunities and benefits of a religion degree holder. You might not know it but there’s a demand for religion graduates. Those who pursue such career can eventually work as teachers, journalists, social service workers, pursue law, medicine, etc.

2. It will help you understand people, history, and cultures

Religion is essentially interdisciplinary. And no other subject intertwines with it most than history, culture and societies or people. If you want to understand how specific persons act the way they do, you might want to understand them in a religious perspective. How human history has evolved especially in the areas of politics, law, art, culture, and including business, can all be better understood if you have that religion background.

3. It will be a powerful tool for your future career

Religion can be a powerful asset today or in your future career. If you are interested in studying world languages, studying religion has that same effect. It can help you communicate effectively to people, your friends and your business partners from across the world. It can help you gain access and tap opportunities that should not have been possible without that needed religious connection or understanding.

4. It lets you gain global insight or even contribute to the world

If you study religion, you will be in a better position to comprehend and make a good judgment of the current global issues that are happening today. You will be able to answer difficult questions like: why do certain religious groups hate other religious groups?, why are there different branches or understandings of Christianity or Islam?, what is the role of religion in today’s conflicts?, etc.

Additionally, if you eventually become successful in your future career or even become a prominent leader and have that background in religion, you will certainly contribute something wonderful to a specific group, nation, and even to the world.

5. It’s simply an interesting subject to learn

Many students are pursuing certain degrees to become rich and famous in the future. There are only few students who really choose a degree simply because they want to learn that specific subject. Religion is an interesting subject to learn because of its numerous surprises and interdisciplinary nature.


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