Support Is Growing For Transgender Students In Catholic Universities

Support Is Growing For Transgender Students In Catholic Universities

Support Is Growing For Transgender Students In Catholic Universities
Benson Kua [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Boston College considering non-discrimination policy for LGBTQ Students, while Los Angeles Catholics hold a workshop on transgenders and the Catholic Church.

The subject of transgender has been found to be a touchy one in some circles. However the students at Boston College are looking to bring about a change for the better, by lobbying for a trans-inclusive non-discrimination policy to be added. A section of the student government known as the Boston College GLBTQ (Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Trans and Queers) Leadership Council has recently put together a proposition as it relates gender identity and expression being an addition to the non-discrimination policy of the institution. But in reality, the choice is left solely up the Boston College administrators.

Support Is Growing For Transgender Students In Catholic Universities[/tweetthis]

Based on reports from campus newspaper The Heights, it has been said that it is a positive move in the right direction and even if the proposal is rejected, the act will be noted as a gesture of good faith, in order for the Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC) to clearly state its stance on the issue.

Further afield, movements of the same kind have been noticed from a religious perspective. Each winter several thousand Catholics flock to Los Angeles to refine their ministry skillsets by taking part in various workshop activities which is all a part of the L.A. Religious Education Congress. But for this year the hosts decided to add a new session which was warmly welcomed by the crowd of 750 which could be accommodated in the building. The new session is titled: “Transgender in the Church: One Bread, One Body.”

The workshop organizer and an avid speaker on the LGBT issue within the church Arthur FitzMaurice, was of the belief that it was the biggest symposium focused on the topic of transgender and Catholicism in the history of the Church.

Matteo Williamson and Anna Patti who were the presenters on the topic, had quite similar views on the subject and gave a little about their own experiences pertaining to their perception of the Church on a whole, compared to bringing this kind of diversity which a few consider to be a fragile issue.

Despite being overjoyed at the welcome in Los Angeles, Patti and Williamson both said that the Church still has lots to accomplish before it is finally accepted as a place to welcome people of transgender, but are hoping that this Congress session will help to channel a positive move.


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