Scientology Who Am I

Scientology Super Bowl Ad 2016 Wants You to Ask “Who Am I?”

Scientology Who Am I
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The Church of Scientology was the only religious organization to advertise in the Super Bowl, with its fourth annual commercial.

The Super Bowl is considered the biggest annual sporting event in the US. And with millions of eyes glued to their TVs during the games, it’s also the biggest opportunity for advertisers and businesses even if a single commercial spot costs millions of dollars. And for the fourth consecutive time, the Church of Scientology is the only religious organization that has spent so much just to be in the spotlight on last Sunday’s Super Bowl 50.

Scientology Super Bowl Ad 2016 Wants You to Ask “Who Am I?”[/tweetthis]

The 30-second advertisement visually described how technology seems to have limitless possibilities and that ability to provide answers to almost all questions. This is except for one, which according to the narrator is the individual’s spiritual question of “Who Am I?” The TV ad hinted an answer can be found in the convergence of spirituality and technology that Scientology offers.

The church started placing Super Bowl ads in 2013. Last year, it placed a similarly themed ad with the main message “Age of Answers.”

The full text of last Sunday’s advertisement reads as follows:

“We live in an age of technological wonder. Extended life, endless connections, limitless possibilities at the touch of a button, in the fraction of a second. The world’s knowledge at our fingertips. A seemingly infinite source of answers, to any question we might ask. Except for one. The one we thirst for. The one that leads to understanding, our world, our choices, our selves. The question that lies at the intersection of technology and spirituality. Who am I?”

The Super Bowl TV ad generated considerable social media response ranging from “WTF?” to moderate “to each his own” comments to sarcastic and comical memes to negative commentaries.

A number of celebrities also acknowledged the ad:

And in what may be a first and perhaps a sign of changing times, the Church even joined in to retweet and respond to Tweets on Twitter:

Of course as expected, the ad also generated controversy and in this case, Trinity College may have an issue with the inclusion of their library.

The Super Bowl ad can now be seen on the Church of Scientology’s website.


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