Religious News from Around the Web August 10, 2020

Sikh Drowns in Rescue Attempt, Iran Jails Baháʼís and Christians, Spirituality and Depression, Video of Islamic Ruqya Procedure, Pro and Con on Supreme Court Religious Liberty Decisions, U.S. Religious Liberty History, Religious Charter Schools?

Sikh Man Drowns Trying to Save Children
Sikhs have been feeding the hungry with free meals all over the world, but they still receive a share of bigotry by those who see their turbans and beards as different. But last week a Sikh man Manjeet Singh jumped into a river to save three children who were swept away by fast water and he drowned. Two of the children were saved, one was underwater for 15 minutes and is on life support. Singh was only 29 and had emigrated to the United States two years ago. Thank you Manjeet.

Iran Jails Baháʼís and Christians
Ten men and women were locked up by the government of Iran for following the Baháʼí faith, and four Christians were also sentenced to prison terms for converting.

Spirituality, a Weapon Against Depression
Mormon Church Donates to Child Abuse VictimsDuring troubled times, says Rohiman Haroon in an article, people have anxiety or depression and are often advised to seek psychiatric treatment. But going spiritual can help people manage mental health while they grapple with reality, and spirituality at its core can help a person understand the context of one’s life.

Video: Islamic Help for Health, Safety and Security
mosque-615415_1280Islam has many protections that believers can employ to stay healthy, safe and secure. This video by Abu Ibrahim explains how to do some of them as well as how to do a Ruqya procedure, an Islamic version of exorcism.

Pro: Supreme Court Religious Liberty Wins are Essential to a Pluralistic Society

US to Welcome Record Low of Persecuted; Refugee Crisis is at Record High
“Despite all our honest and deep-seated disagreements about important questions, robust protection for religious dissenters is essential to our living together in a pluralistic society,” says Mark Rienzi. “The court’s move toward anchoring a pluralistic approach within the law of religious liberty is part of a long-term trend.” Rienzi is president of the Beckett Fund for Religious Liberty and represented parties in some of the recent religious liberty cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Con: Supreme Court Religious Liberty Wins are Bad for Civil Rights
Churches and Christian Schools in Australia Demanding Religious Freedom Laws to Protect Right to Hire and Fire Based on Beliefs“The First Amendment has two religion clauses: establishment and free exercise. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Religion won several cases during the Supreme Court’s 2019-20 term, and it could win more in the upcoming term.That sounds like a great idea,” says Leslie C. Griffin, “But it is not. Religious victories are bad for civil rights.” Griffin is the William S. Boyd professor of law at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Religious Toleration and Religious Liberty: an Historical Perspective
Quakers refuse to serve in the military and do not swear oaths. They were routinely jailed because they acted on these convictions. By the late 18th century, many Americans rejected toleration in favor of the more robust idea that all citizens have a natural right to religious liberty. This freedom includes the ability to believe whatever one desires and, significantly, the ability to act upon one’s religious convictions — albeit within reasonable boundaries.

Religious Charter Schools Will Test Limits of Espinoza Decision
You want to start a religious charter school, but are met with the following statement: “I’m sorry, our state law explicitly prohibits religious organizations from running charter schools. We won’t be able to consider your application.” So how does the recent Supreme Court decision Espinoza vs. Montana Department of Revenue affect the discussion?