Pope Francis Is Now Throwing Beach Pizza Parties

Pope Francis Is Now Throwing Beach Pizza Parties

Pope Francis Is Now Throwing Beach Pizza Parties

Pope Francis plans a fun event to help the homeless population of Rome.

Selfies, driving used cars, traveling in public transport, making his own sandwiches — Pope Francis has been on the news for many unusual reasons. While Popes have traditionally been seen dressed in all their finery, delivering speeches in a somber, serious fashion, the current head of the Catholic Church seems to be one who has absolutely no interest in falling in line with the conventional image of the Church. His radically progressive views, together with his unapologetic acts of charity have made Francis one of the most popular and beloved personalities of today.

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Just when the world thought it couldn't get any better, the Pope shocked everyone with an act of charity that is completely unheard of and definitely unconventional. He has decided to throw beach pizza parties twice a week for the homeless people of Rome.

Charity as we know it is something that is done in a very serious, solemn fashion- visiting a home, donating money or volunteering for some time. As such, the concept of a beach party for the homeless simply baffles people for all the good reasons- for one, it is very, very unusual. But the unusual is something the world should be expecting from the monarch of the Vatican by now. For those who have been following Pope Francis' actions closely from the time he ascended the Papal seat, he has been breaking conventions, one after the other

Every summer, the citizens of Rome go on vacations and naturally, the city is emptier than it usually is. The people who go on vacations include even the volunteers in the kitchens of the city's soup houses, which otherwise provide meals for the homeless. This shortage of volunteers directly affects the homeless. The Pope came up with the idea of taking these people to the beach twice a week for a day of swimming and sunbathing during the vacation season. The Pope also has made arrangements for swimsuits and others swimming accessories as well. The trips are followed by a visit to the pizzeria where meals are provided by the Pontiff.

The person in charge of Vatican's charitable funds, Bishop Konrad Krajewski says that though these acts of charity may not make a big difference in the world, it is definitely helping to brighten up the worlds of a few people. While this may not permanently solve their problems, this is definitely a step towards restoring them to their human dignity, he added.

While the Pope himself does not accompany the people on their trips for obvious reasons, sources at the Vatican say he greatly longs for an opportunity to simply go to a local pizzeria and “order up a pie.”


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