Jews and Muslim Unite in Global Mitzvah Day Activities

Jews and Muslims Unite in Global Mitzvah Day Activities

The UK celebrated with 20 venues serving chicken soup, the "Jewish penicillin," to thousands of people. Over 40,000 people all over the world engaged

LDS Church Responding to the Needs of the Homeless

LDS statement outlines efforts to help the homeless. Utah’s present crisis involving homelessness has been the topic of discussion among civic groups, business entities,

Man Goes from Homeless to A Priest Serving the Poor

One man's journey from homelessness and drug addiction to becoming a priest and helping those on the streets. Claude Paradis, who was a desperate

McDonald’s Next to Vatican to Offer Free Meals to the Homeless

In the face of severe opposition by Vatican Cardinals, McDonald’s finds a way to get popular support. McDonald’s announced that it would be providing

Pope Francis Is Now Throwing Beach Pizza Parties

Pope Francis Is Now Throwing Beach Pizza Parties

Pope Francis plans a fun event to help the homeless population of Rome. Selfies, driving used cars, traveling in public transport, making his own

L.A. Pastor Running 7 Marathons in 7 Days on All 7 Continents to Help Homeless

Pastor with pulmonary embolisms takes the World Marathon Challenge for the poor. Matthew Barnett, a well-known Los Angeles pastor, is preparing to meet a

D.C. Muslims Feed Homeless Before Ramadan Fast

D.C. citizens fasted in solidarity against anti-Muslim discrimination and helped the community by inviting the homeless to iftar. Prominent Muslim personalities and institutions are

Spread Hummus, Not Hate

Muslims, Jews Come Together To Feed Homeless in NYC

We refuse to be enemies: Muslims and Jews unite for event to feed the homeless. Under the umbrella of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding,

Pope Francis Held Virtual Chat with Americans Ahead of His Visit

"Pope Francis and the People:" High school students, immigrants and the homeless have live virtual chat with the Pope ahead of his ABC 20/20


Immigrants, Homeless, and Prisoners Will Get Visit from Pope Francis during U.S. Trip

Pope Francis will visit the United States and Cuba September 19 – 28. According to the Vatican, Francis will meet with homeless, prisoners and