Nick Hall, the pastor in a leather jacket, has a message of togetherness.

Nick Hall is not the vision of a typical evangelical pastor. With a leather jacket, jeans, and a youthful appearance, he seems more like someone who just swooped in from an afternoon motorcycle ride. It’s not until you see the bible in his hand that you understand he is there to deliver a message. Now, he might seem like that sort of “too cool for school” preacher that churches are infamous for using to gain youth attention. Yet, when you look closer at Pastor Hall, you will see that there is nobody more genuine than him.

Nick Hall’s message is rather typical in terms of his desire to bring people together through Jesus. Yet, Hall has gone about his message of togetherness in a way that has isolated him from some of the more typical evangelicals. In recent years, Hall has managed to upset some of his typical evangelical base, going so far as to shed the label of an evangelical in response to backlash from him speaking out about racial injustice. Specifically, Hall has worked with a variety of people, like rapper Lecrae, to respond to issues stemming from racial injustice in Ferguson.

Even though his message to stay woke and be wary of the issues surrounding racial injustice has created a rift between him and some people, people still pack stadiums to see him. His message is far different from the fire and brimstone of other pastors seeking to rouse this group. There is no judgment or willingness to bring politics into the message, only a genuine message of love. While some condemn Hall for toeing the line between confronting injustice and religion, it is necessary in order to keep the church together. He can’t manage to impress the youth with social outcries without causing issues with older members.

Yet, Hall understands millennial evangelicals are very dissatisfied with the way that politics are interacting with religion, but he still won’t confront them in his sermons. Hall is a rarity in that sense, too. He wants to help people understand the love of God, but without bringing it too close to home. All in all, Nick Hall is a unique force in the world of Christianity, and his message continues to attract new people. In the present day, his willingness to stay out of the muck of politics might be the most important distinction between him and others.


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