Pastor Nick Hall Wants to Bring Generations of Evangelical Christians Together

Pastor Nick Hall Wants to Bring Generations of Evangelical Christians Together

Nick Hall, the pastor in a leather jacket, has a message of togetherness. Nick Hall is not the vision of a typical evangelical pastor.[/tweetit]

What is J. Cole's Religion?

What is J. Cole’s Religion?

The rapper showed through his documentary the many hardships faced by African-Americans J. Cole, the well-known rapper, during his interview with a podcast channel,

Huffington Post Religion Names 2014 People of the Year

Ferguson's religious leaders were named 2014's people of the year by Huffington Post Religion. The Huffington Post took a moment to designate the religious

Ferguson Decision

Ferguson Rioters Urged By Christian Pastors to Stay Peaceful

Christian leaders in Ferguson have urged protesters to stay peaceful and have opened their churches as sanctuaries after the Michael Brown decision. The entire

Stop The Killing

Scientologists and Nation of Islam Working Together To Reduce Turmoil In Ferguson

The anti-violence initiative 'Stop the Killing' has been wildly popular among street demonstrations in Ferguson since the death of Michael Brown at the hands

Ferguson Way to Happiness

Do You Think a Moral Code Can Restore Peace in Ferguson, MO?

In areas of instability, unrest, crime and violence, one element underlies the visible problems: the decline or absence of morality. Distribution of The Way

Al Sharpton Ferguson

Religious Leaders Join Ferguson Protests Against Police

Around the world, religious leaders show their support for Ferguson protests police in riot after a police officer shot and killed unarmed black man. What began