New Study Proves Religious People Are Most Trusted

Religious people are most trusted, but for reasons that are not quite so obvious.

A new study has shown that religious individuals are seen by greater society as more trustworthy. But it is not purely because of religion.

Humans trust people based on how they act. Through the many different ways that people view behavior, there are two significant differences: fast and slow decision making. People who make fast decisions are more likely to be seen as reckless and focused on immediate gratification. These people are seen to come from more unsteady homes or living situations. Slow is seen as better organized, more forward-thinking, and less likely to lie.

What the study has revealed is that individuals are less likely to think that those who are religious have fast decision making. This means that it is not necessarily a feeling about the existence of a God, but the perception of the effect that religion has on an individual.

While the researchers state that this could have been used as a generalization, it remains to be seen if it works in nations where there are different attitudes towards religion.


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