New Photos Examine the Beauty of the Sikh Faith

New Photos Examine the Beauty of the Sikh Faith

New Photos Examine the Beauty of the Sikh Faith

Art exhibit to educate people about the style and significance of Sikh articles of faith.

The tragic 9/11 attacks not only devastated the families of the victims, but also the whole Sikh community of America. When Americans reacted by attacking Muslims in the country, Sikhs too found themselves the victims of racial hatred and felt the heat of vengeance due to ignorance. Now, even years after the tragedy that shook the world, Sikhs in America are still caught in a case of mistaken identity and treated badly by fellow Americans. At the heart of this discrimination lies a deep ignorance about Sikhism. The Sikh community is trying to educate Americans, the majority of whom know nothing about Sikhism at all.

New Photos Examine the Beauty of the Sikh Faith[/tweetthis]

The Sikh Project is the result of these years of discrimination.

Britain-based photographers Amit and Naroop have decided to shoot a series of pictures of Sikh men and women, trying to tell a story through them. British Sikhs say that they face less discrimination, as the British in general are more educated on the Sikh faith. In America, however, the situation is in reverse. Having already done a photograph series in Britain, the photographer-duo have now teamed up with The Sikh Coalition, an American NGO, to host a similar exhibition in the U.S. where the need is greater. The exhibition will be held at 530 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10012 from September 17-25, 2016. The Sikh Coalition says the exhibit is going to highlight the century-long history of the Sikh community in America.

The Sikh Coalition celebrates 15 years in 2016. Executive Director, Sapreet Kaur, said “As we commemorate this important milestone for our organization, we felt that the moment was right to examine the beauty of the Sikh faith, the strength of our collective spirit and to do so in a way that further educates Americans.”

Sikhs have often been held up in airports, thrown out of flights, denied employment, and have faced unreasonable arrests because authorities often confuse their identity or insist that their turbans and beards are proofs of their affiliation with terrorist groups. The Sikh Project is an attempt to explain the meaning of the turban, or the “dastaar” which is actually a part of a Sikh's identity and not just an accessory. The exhibition will give a glimpse to the public about what the Sikh faith is all about and what its tenets are. The exhibition will not only educate the general public but will also help the Sikh youth to re-discover their roots and their history in the U.S.


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