New Jersey’s First Sikh Mayor Target of Discrimination

New Jersey’s First Sikh Mayor Target of Discrimination

New Jersey’s First Sikh Mayor Target of Discrimination
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Ravi Bhalla Reveals He has Received Death Threats

The Mayor of Hoboken, Ravi Bhalla, has revealed that death threats were issued to him. The threats targeted his family as well. Bhalla is only three months into his Mayorship. He discussed on the subject of threats through a statement that was given by his office post a security breach at the City Hall in Hoboken on February 15. The police subsequently investigated this incident. No one was hurt. The City of New Jersey contacted the Joint Terrorism Task Force to do a thorough check over the existing security procedures. Bhalla said the incident, combined with death threats made to him and his family confirmed the need to take security as a serious issue.

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The statement by Mayor Bhalla of Hoboken begins with the sentence that the incident which happened at the office of the Mayor on February 15 is being investigated by Hoboken Police Department. According to eye-witnesses and as per the always watchful eyes of the office cameras, a yet unidentified person entered the City Hall building a little before eight in the night. The person entered via the entrance on Newark Street around eight in the night. He was passed through the metal detectors. The individual told security personnel that he intends to take advantage of the restroom facilities.

Since it was after office hours, the building was thinly populated. Jason Freeman, the Deputy Chief of Staff, was the only person from the Mayoral office present at that time. Mayor Bhalla still had not reached his office after attending a community meeting. Deputy Chief Freeman spied that person throwing a bag in the direction where the desk of the administrative assistant was. He and the individual made eye contact. The person then fled from the office of the mayor. The police were subsequently called for by Freeman. The incident is currently being investigated by the police.

The office of the Mayor was trying to implement the recommendations given by the task force for both physical change and procedural changes so that security can be improved in the City Hall premises. Hoboken law enforcement declined to respond to media questioning about the incident. Mayor Bhalla, in his email, said that it was not possible for him and his office to release further information as a number of active investigations are presently underway by multiple law enforcement agencies.


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