Muslims in India Protest China’s Uighur Concentration Camps

Muslims in India Protest China’s Uighur Concentration Camps

Muslims in India Protest China’s Uighur Concentration Camps
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The Chinese Government designated Islam as mental illness.

India's financial capital Mumbai saw about 150 Muslims protest against the People's Republic of China (PRC) policy of detaining a large number of its Uighur minority population in camps.[/tweetit] It is believed that those detained are undergoing political indoctrination. The camps are located in western China's Xinjiang region. About 150 protestors shouted “Down with China” after their Friday noon prayers.

Muslims in India Protest China’s Uighur Concentration Camps[/tweetthis]

Mohammed Saeed Nori, an organizer of the protest, accused China of snatching Uighur Muslims' religious freedom. The treatment of the Uighur people has been noticed by the world, including the United States. For those in the know, it is believed that the White House will take a few punitive measures against China for its human rights violations. The State Department, however, declined to comment on this issue. It was rumored that discussions took place between the State Department, the White House, and the Treasury on how to deal with China. An official said the treatment of Uighurs by Beijing is an important U.S. concern.

China faced hard global condemnation during the preceding months of 2018, as news of its mistreatment percolated out to the outside world. Governments around the globe have expressed concern about Beijing running so-called re-education camps. Uighur inmates in these camps are compelled to discard a few aspects of religious belief. They are encouraged to substitute them with Chinese culture. Critics have termed these camps as "concentration camps" while the Chinese state has named them "counter-extremism training centers."

Uighur Muslims are from Xinjiang, an autonomous part of northwest China. The latter annexed the region in 1949. It continues under China's authoritarian rule even today. These people have their own language and culture.

If the UN Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination is to be believed, then the number of people locked together in these camps can only be described as staggering. Approximately one among 10 Uighur Muslims with Xinjiang home addresses has allegedly vanished inside the internment camps. Most of these inmates have no criminal record. Their only fault is they practice Islam, a faith known among people in this part of the world to be known for terrorism, subversion, and separatism. The Chinese Government designated Islam as a kind of mental illness. It shows China's relentless aim to annihilate all religions by ethnic cleansing. Mass interment forms only a part of the bigger aim.


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