Muslims in India Protest China’s Uighur Concentration Camps

Muslims in India Protest China’s Uighur Concentration Camps

The Chinese Government designated Islam as mental illness. India's financial capital Mumbai saw about 150 Muslims protest against the People's Republic of China (PRC)

Nazi Auschwitz Accountant Has Died

Nazi Auschwitz Accountant Has Died

"Bookkeeper of Auschwitz" dies in the hospital before serving his four-year sentence. “Bookkeeper of Auschwitz” and former SS guard from the Nazi regime, Oskar

Larry David In Trouble Over Holocaust Joke

Larry David in Trouble Over Holocaust Joke on SNL

Larry David's SNL monologue has drawn both criticism and support. The line between comedy and being in poor taste is hazy. In fact, much

Austria Honors 31 Jehovah’s Witnesses

Austria Recognizes 31 Jehovah’s Witnesses Who Were Killed in Concentration Camps

About 154 Witnesses who were Austrian citizens perished in the Holocaust. On May 19, 2017, Techelsberg, Austria held a ceremony to remember Jehovah's Witnesses

Muslims Nazi Concentration Camp

At a Nazi Concentration Camp Muslims Look at Germany’s Past

They believe Israel is the source of all their troubles For Middle Eastern Muslim refugees in Germany, a visit to World War II concentration

Muslim-American Kids Read Letters Written by Japanese-Americans Incarcerated During WWII

The current rise in anti-Islamic sentiments is reminiscent of the persecution faced by Japanese-Americans during the second World War. The targeted violence that Muslims