Larry David In Trouble Over Holocaust Joke

Larry David in Trouble Over Holocaust Joke on SNL

Larry David In Trouble Over Holocaust Joke
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Larry David’s SNL monologue has drawn both criticism and support.

The line between comedy and being in poor taste is hazy. In fact, much of comedy requires being a bit offensive. Comedy is meant to overstep boundaries and to find humor in subjects that others may see as distasteful. This always creates tension where some group gets offended by particular jokes or the comedians themselves.

Larry David in Trouble Over Holocaust Joke on SNL[/tweetthis]

This is exactly what happened after Larry David’s opening monologue on Saturday Night Live. The comedian, famous for writing for Seinfeld and his HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm made several jokes causing a backlash from Jewish organizations. The biggest issue was a particular joke about flirting with women in concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Larry David, who is Jewish, joked that there are “no good opening lines” in concentration camps. This immediately created a firestorm of responses online. Some immediately attacked the joke as in poor taste. Others were more forgiving, stating the comedian is known for his cringe-worthy humor and for not caring about the response of others based on his opinions.

The ironic nature of this is the current season of David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm has a plot line about David fearing for his life because the misinterpretation of a musical he is making.

Larry David has not made any official statement and given his notable misanthropic personality, probably will not.


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