Muslim Woman Healed from Deadly Snake Bite by Jesus

As far as science was concerned, it was the end for her; for Hajira, however, it was a time that would change her life forever.

Lying on the hospital bed, awaiting fast-approaching death, little did Hajira expect that it was one of her prophets who would save her. As a Muslim, however, she found it hard that Jesus had the authority to save her from the clutches of death. Being faithful to what she had grown up learning, she even rebuked the angel who came to her dreams, telling her to turn towards Jesus, the Son of God, to heal her.

Muslim Woman Healed from Deadly Snake Bite by Jesus[/tweetthis]

From the time that she was lying on her bed, her system breaking down because of snake venom, to the time that she was healed when she received Christ into her life, the story of Hajira is very touching.

It was just another fun family night for Hajira when she and her family were having a bonfire party out in the desert. What was supposed to be a warm family evening quickly turned into a nightmare when Hajira got bitten by the highly venomous Sahara Horned Viper. She was rushed to the hospital immediately, but her condition only worsened. Although the doctors tried their best, Hajira slipped into a coma for four days. When she awoke, paralyzed and completely disoriented, Hajira overheard a set of doctors discussing her condition by her bedside. According to the doctors, Hajira was having renal failure and increasing fibrinolysis – both fatal conditions. Although Hajira may not have known what those terms meant, she knew one thing for sure – death was imminent and was quickly approaching.

Hajira then did what anyone in her place would do. She broke down and wept bitterly, followed by earnest prayers to God to either save her or grant her a quick death. She then fell asleep amidst her prayers and tears. As she was sleeping, Hajira says that she saw an angel approaching her in a dream. The angel told her that Jesus was the Savior and Son of God and that she should turn to him for healing. Her protestations were uttered loudly, and her brother who heard her, admitted to having accepted Christ himself. The two then prayed together for her recovery.

To their surprise, they were visited by Pastor Paul from Bibles4Mideast just a short while later, having himself been instructed by the angel to visit them. Pastor Paul prayed over them, and as he did, Hajira says that she could feel the healing power of Christ sweeping over her. The doctors were dumbfounded at the results of the tests they conducted on her, because they all showed that she was healed.

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