TV Streaming

Religions Embrace Broadcast TV and Streaming to Spread their Message, Will You Watch?

World Religions’ Live Streaming Content and Video-on-Demand With over 118 million households having access to television around the world, religious broadcasting is a fairly

23% of British Christians Don’t Believe in the Resurrection

UK study finds 1 in 4 Christians do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus. Every Christian is familiar with the Biblical tale of

Muslim Woman Healed from Deadly Snake Bite by Jesus

As far as science was concerned, it was the end for her; for Hajira, however, it was a time that would change her life

Pope Francis Wants Catholics to Focus on Jesus This Christmas

The Holy Father reminds the faithful about Christ’s humble birth; advises Catholics to draw inspiration from Mary and Joseph. Pope Francis gave a call

Rick Warren Son Of God

Your Movie Theater is Being Taken Over by Megachurch Pastor Rick Warren

Christian leaders have announced plans to rent out every screen in a number of multiscreen theaters in the States. Several leaders, including the megachurch

What is Lutheranism?

The Lutheran religion is a Protestant denomination, which was founded by Martin Luther after he broke away from the Catholic Church. Lutherans believe that