What is Lutheranism?


The Lutheran religion is a Protestant denomination, which was founded by Martin Luther after he broke away from the Catholic Church. Lutherans believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that God is a triune being. Triune being means that God is a spiritual being composed of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Lutherans closely follow the Bible, as it has strict instructions for how individuals are to conduct themselves in the world. Both the Old and New Testament are used to teach lessons and spirituality. Lutherans are baptized into the religion, and baptism forgives sins and symbolizes eternal life.

Beliefs of Lutherans

Lutherans have many beliefs that make their religion both similar and distinct from other Christian religions. These beliefs are:

  • Grace: Eternal salvation is not reached by any way except through God’s grace. This simply means that salvation is not reached by how someone lives his or her life, but instead God grants it. The power to grant eternal salvation and eternal life can only be given by God.
  • Faith: Having faith in God and living through Scripture, will lead a person to God’s grace.
  • Individual access to God: Lutherans believe that each person can reach God through close study of the Scripture. Scriptures also contain the only truth, and this truth is God’s truth.
  • Sacraments: Sacraments aid one’s faith and devotion to God. Sacraments give faith to those that participate in them.
How Lutherans Worship

Lutheran churches have altars, vestments and a liturgical service, very similar to the Catholic Church. However there is no set order to the service, and the service focuses on singing songs of faith and a pastor preaching the Scriptures to the congregation. Sacraments may be performed during worship services, and the Cross is the main focus of the Lutheran worship areas.

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