10 Surprising Scientific Reasons Linked to These Hindu Traditions

Religion and science come together in these Hindu traditions that are linked to scientific explanations. 1. Throwing Coins Into A River The most widespread

Religion of the Tiwanaku Risen from the World’s Highest Lake

Evidence of Religion That Sacrificed Llamas Discovered in Lake Titicaca

The religion of the Tiwanaku pre-dates the Inca by 500 years. A paper published in the April edition of the Proceedings of the National

How Hindus Celebrate the New Year

How Hindus Celebrate the New Year

A look at how different Hindu groups celebrate the New Year. Many people follow the Gregorian calendar and celebrate the New Year each January

Examining the Religious Traditions of All 44 U.S. Presidents

Pew Research Center has compiled a list of the religions of U.S. Presidents throughout history. The U.S. Constitution has expressly forbidden any religious requirement

Science and Religion: Richard Dawkins and Rabbi Schneerson on A Common Debate

Has science made faith obsolete, or are science and faith capable of going hand-in-hand? It isn’t uncommon for people, both educated and not, to

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Now that everyone is full of candy and has enjoyed discovering eggs hidden by a mysterious bunny, it seems like a good time to

Celebrating the Hindu Festival of Navratri

Navratri is a nine night annual festival in the Hindu faith and is considered to be the most celebrated Hindu festival. It is devoted

Ash Wednesday and Lent: The Meaning Behind the Sacrifice

With Ash Wednesday upon us, there are a vast number of Christians all over the world attempting to take up the challenge of sacrificing

Muslim Woman Forced to Take Off Headscarf in New Jersey Factory

Muslim woman says Saddle Brook factory managers demanded she remove headscarf. (via NJ.com)SADDLE BROOK — A Muslim woman has filed a complaint claiming she

Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn

Everything You Wanted to Know About Hasidic Jews’ Clothing But Were Afraid to Ask

StyleLikeU, a multimedia blog whose tagline is "freedom of expression through personal style", is producing a series called Uniforms, in which they feature groups