Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn

Everything You Wanted to Know About Hasidic Jews’ Clothing But Were Afraid to Ask

Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn

StyleLikeU, a multimedia blog whose tagline is “freedom of expression through personal style”, is producing a series called Uniforms, in which they feature groups who dress according to their belief systems. These groups often draw a lot of attention when they mingle with the general population, but the reasons behind the style are not often known, much less do people personally inquire why a person dresses the way they do.

Nuns, Ballerinas, and Monks have all been interviewed for the series, but the most recent group interviewed is the Hasidic Jews living in Brooklyn, NY.

The 15-minute video provides a thoroughly informative view of the “uniform” of the Orthodox Jewish community. It covers everything from grooming to female sexuality, as the video’s summary states:

From the fringes of the men’s tzitzit, to their seminal fur and fedora hats, to the tefillin leather strap that they wrap around their arm in order to hold Torah verse close to their hearts, to the elegant and unostentatious taste of the modest dress of the women, the Hasidic style is wrought with a royal, spiritual depth that screams of a long gone fashion of substance. “

Watch the video above and read the rest of the story about how the webisode came to be on StyleLikeU.com.

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