Why Sikhs wear a turban and what it means to practice the faith in the United States

Simran Jeet Singh, New York University An elderly Sikh gentleman in Northern California, 64-year-old Parmjit Singh, was recently stabbed to death while taking a


Modest Bridal Gowns for Religious Ceremonies

A look at three religions and their bridal dress requirements While most brides when looking for their wedding gowns have a huge variety in

Muslim Fashion: The Beauty of Modesty

Muslim Fashion: The Beauty of Modesty

Art museums in San Francisco are in the midst of a Muslim wave with two prominent exhibits featuring Muslim culture. The de Young Museum

Getting to Know Zahra Aljabri, Muslim Co-Founder of Modest Clothing Store

Getting to Know Zahra Aljabri, Muslim Co-Founder of Modest Clothing Store

Mode-sty co-founder Zahra Aljabri wins BlogHer16 Pitch Competition. Zahra Aljabri, the co-founder of online marketplace Mode-sty won the BlogHer16 Pitch Competition. The Pitch Competition

UNIQLO Introduces New Clothing Line for Muslims

UNIQLO releases their first ever fashion line for the modern modest Muslim woman in America. Muslim traditions and religion have seen women stick to

Buddhist Monk Robes

Why Do Buddhist Monks Wear Robes?

Why Buddhist Monks Wear Robes - An Insight into Modern Zen Buddhism Interestingly, modern Buddhist monks' attire goes way back to Buddha’s times when the Monastic robes were simple

Muslim Woman Forced to Take Off Headscarf in New Jersey Factory

Muslim woman says Saddle Brook factory managers demanded she remove headscarf. (via NJ.com)SADDLE BROOK — A Muslim woman has filed a complaint claiming she

Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn

Everything You Wanted to Know About Hasidic Jews’ Clothing But Were Afraid to Ask

StyleLikeU, a multimedia blog whose tagline is "freedom of expression through personal style", is producing a series called Uniforms, in which they feature groups