Modest Bridal Gowns for Religious Ceremonies

A look at three religions and their bridal dress requirements

While most brides when looking for their wedding gowns have a huge variety in terms of choice, this is not the same case for brides getting married in a religious setting that requires modest bridal wear. The religion one ascribes could have already outlined the various kinds of dresses both the groom and bride have to put on. The groom usually has little changes from the norm but the bride will have to forego much of the popular and fashionable styles which reveal too much skin. This article looks at some of the religious settings where the bride will have to get modest wedding wear, and the kind of dressing requirements needed.[/tweetit]

The Jewish Wedding Dress

The Jewish wedding dress is guided by the specific denomination of Judaism one falls under. The three denominations of Reform, Orthodox and Conservative have different requirements of modesty required. Reform Judaism hardly has any requirements on the bridal dress, Conservative Judaism on the other hand requires the bride’s shoulders to be covered and Orthodox Judaism has the strictest requirements needing the bride to have long sleeves about three-quarter length and above, ankle length skirts, high cut necklines and covered back lines among its requirements. Some customs will require the bride to have a veil that completely covers the face while others will require the bride to have a custom hat that covers her hair when the ceremony is up.

The Latter-day Saints Wedding dress requirements

When it comes to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, modesty in clothing is emphasized greatly and this goes even to daily wear. The general guidelines to bridal wear are as follows; first the skirt will have to be knee length or longer. The dress should not be overly tight or revealing and slits should not go above the knee. The back of the dress should not fall below the shoulder blades and low necklines that expose the cleavage are not recommended. The shoulders should also be covered by the dress sleeves. Another important factor is the temple garment which should be worn underneath the wedding dress. Colors and jewelry are also important in some temples with silver and ivory discouraged.

Buddhist wedding dresses

The Buddhist wedding ceremonies are very liberal but their wedding dress is rather specific. The bride is dressed in Bhaku which is a brocade dress. This is worn with Hanju which is a sleeved dress. The Bhaku is a full length dress. Along these she will wear a coat and scarf specifically for the occasion. The attire would be incomplete without jewelry specific for the occasion called Khau and includes turquoise and pearls which are worn on the neck and forehead. Her arms would also be covered with gold or gold-plated bracelets.


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