Modest Bridal Gowns for Religious Ceremonies

A look at three religions and their bridal dress requirements While most brides when looking for their wedding gowns have a huge variety in

Muslim Fashion: The Beauty of Modesty

Muslim Fashion: The Beauty of Modesty

Art museums in San Francisco are in the midst of a Muslim wave with two prominent exhibits featuring Muslim culture. The de Young Museum

Is The Catholic Fashion Theme For The Met Gala Offensive?

Is the Catholic Fashion Theme for the Met Gala Offensive?

What The Media And The Fashion Industry Missed About Cultural Appropriation Rihanna dressed like the pope yesterday. Yes, two names you never thought would

Macy's Creates Controversy With Launch of Muslim Clothing Line

Macy’s Creates Controversy With Launch of Muslim Clothing Line

Macy's has become the first major American department store to court Muslim Fashion Muslim shoppers can soon walk into Macy's and choose a clothing

L’Oréal hijab model

L’Oréal has New Campaign with Hijab-Wearing Model

The company has moved beyond cliché advertising L’Oréal Paris broke new ground by casting Amena Khan, a British beauty blogger who also happens to

Sarah Ghanem Modest Fashion

When Less Is More: Modest Fashion On the Rise

Modest fashion: how to embrace an empowering global trend with varying standards of modesty. Modest Fashion - a style that is being embraced by

Catholic Church Denies Communion Over Girl’s Pantsuit

The church insisted on traditional wear for a girl's first communion. Cady Mansell, a nine-year-old girl from Crown Point in Indiana is different from

Dresses with Project Runway Tag

The First Ever Muslim Designer on ‘Project Runway’

Ayana Uses Unique Blend of Modesty and Culture in her Work Project Runway has been known to break out of the norm. As a

Next Met Gala Will Have “Fashion and Religion” Theme

The Met Gala is one event which everyone in the fashion industry looks forward to. Every year the Met Gala's guest list makes headlines


What Can You Wear to the Beach if Your Religion Insists on Modesty?

Clothing creates controversy in some religions. Several religions propagate the idea of modesty in dress, especially when it comes to women. Muslims have a