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The First Ever Muslim Designer on ‘Project Runway’

Dresses with Project Runway Tag
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Ayana Uses Unique Blend of Modesty and Culture in her Work

Project Runway has been known to break out of the norm. As a show, it has been able to surprise its viewers as each season there tends to be a newer and better idea or concept that comes out. The premiere on August 17th has been able to surprise its viewers with a new theme.

This season features ladies of different body sizes ranging from size 2 to size 22. This idea that was premiered during the sixteenth season of the show has been able to change the perspective of fashion by itself as all types of bodies will be represented.

The First Ever Muslim Designer on ‘Project Runway'[/tweetthis]

There has also been a change with one of the members of the competition with Ayana, the first Muslim on the show. She was born in Brooklyn but later moved to Salt Lake City, Utah for a fresh start after going through a divorce.

Ayana had previously applied to the TV show a couple of times and auditioned before finally being accepted. She is the very first Muslim to be accepted into the competition.

Ayana, as a designer had the desire to make modest clothing as fashionable as possible. She believed that one can still be fashionable and modest at the same time and that was the main aim of her different designs. Being different, she was able to amaze the judges with her different designs and advance to different levels of the competition.

Due to the fact that she was a Muslim competitor who decided to break out of the norm both in fashion and as a Muslim, she is able to become a role model to other Muslim women to show them to pursue their dreams.


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