Bible Passage Read at Stephen Hawking's Funeral

This is the Bible Passage Eddie Redmayne Read at Stephen Hawking’s Funeral

Hawking spent 52 years of his life in Cambridge. Actor Eddie Redmayne read from the Bible at Professor Stephen Hawking's funeral.[/tweetit] Redmayne played the

Beckah Shae Shape of You

Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” Rewritten as Christian Song

Critics have severely criticized the rephrased song Ed Sheeran's Grammy Award winning "Shape of You" has been remade into what many listeners would find

Human Skull Asteroid Sign of End Times

Is Approaching Human Skull Asteroid A Sign Of End Times?

Returning back to Earth after making an appearance on Halloween Is the End Times approaching? The approaching gigantic human-skull shaped asteroid might have something

Bible Says 2017 Solar Eclipse Will Make Planet X Crash into Earth?

The Earth, according to David Meade, will be destroyed on September 23 as a result of the Great American Eclipse. David Meade, who has

Tom Cruise is an Epic 969-year-old Man in New Bible Film ‘Methuselah’

Tom Cruise is an Epic 969-year-old Man in New Bible Film ‘Methuselah’

Tom Cruise will play the world's oldest demon slayer in 'Methuselah'. Tom Cruise is no stranger to action-packed movies that keep viewers on the

Was Noah’s Ark Shaped Like a Pyramid? Digitized Dead Sea Scrolls Reveal New Secrets

Noah's Ark revealed to be shaped like a pyramid after a new study of the Dead Sea Scrolls The Dead Sea Scrolls, a collection

Why Jehovah’s Witnesses Go Door to Door and 11 Other Facts You Might Not Know

12 Things You Didn't Know About Jehovah's Witnesses. 1. Charles Taze Russell was among the Jehovah's Witnesses' first leaders and first editor of The

How Christian is Donald Trump? Recent Comments Have Spectators Questioning His Faith

Trump seems to have difficulty convincing religious groups that he is living a true Christian life. Certainly the most interesting and intriguing personality in

What is Lutheranism?

The Lutheran religion is a Protestant denomination, which was founded by Martin Luther after he broke away from the Catholic Church. Lutherans believe that

Pope Francis

On the issue of Pope Francis and heresy

The Catholic Church time and again has proven controversial for varying reasons. Recently elected Pope Francis is the center of a recent controversial issue;