Rick Warren Son Of God

Your Movie Theater is Being Taken Over by Megachurch Pastor Rick Warren

Rick Warren Son Of God

Christian leaders have announced plans to rent out every screen in a number of multiscreen theaters in the States. Several leaders, including the megachurch pastor Rick Warren, will rent the multiplex theatres to show the new film Son of God, which is produced by Mark Burnett and stars Roma Downey.

The plans cover 10 cities; the film will be screened on February 27, a day ahead of the nationwide opening.  The Son of God film is based on the recent miniseries The Bible, which aired last year on the History Channel.

Warren has also developed a series of lectures around the film entitled “Son of God: The Life of Jesus in You Leader Kit.”

Some are speculating Son of God may become the top-grossing Christian film of all time.

2014: Year of Bible Blockbusters
A number of religious leaders are using the movie launch to spread the word and see the Son of God as a vital chance to evangelize.

Widespread Support

Burnett and Downey, the creators of the show, have received interdenominational support for the brand new film. Several well-known leaders have shown their backing, including T.D. Jakes, a Texan megachurch leader, and Jose Gomez, a Roman Catholic Archbishop from Los Angeles.

Compassion International, an organization that provides evangelical relief, has also agreed to help distribute tickets for the film through its churches.

The show is a bit of a departure for the reality TV producer. Burnett, who is best known for his primetime TV shows such as “The Apprentice”, “Survivor” and “The Shark Tank”, has told the media that he has never witnessed a buyout like this one before and commented on how entire communities would be watching the film together.

A “Resurrection” is Coming

Back in 2004, the Mel Gibson film The Passion of the Christ proved to be a huge success at the box office. It was thought that this success would spur many more religious based films in the US and worldwide, but this did not prove to be the case.

However, with the new success of The Bible and the forthcoming nationwide release of the Son of God, and a slew of other Christian movies, this could all be about to change.

Son of God will run for approximately two hours with the actor Diogo Morgado playing Jesus during his life, crucifixion and resurrection. Downy will appear in the end in the part of the mother of Jesus; chart star CeeLo Green is set to take center stage on the singing credits.

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