Lindsey Stirling on Dancing With The Stars

Mormon Musician Lindsey Stirling Finding Success on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Lindsey Stirling on Dancing With The Stars
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Lindsey Stirling, who found fame in 2007 via YouTube, is on the 25th season of the dance competition show.

Musician Lindsey Stirling, worshipping at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has been in the limelight lately for her participation in the Dancing with the Stars contest. With Mark Ballas, Lindsey made an appearance before a board of judges who gave them a total of 27 points. Stirling has acknowledged that the performance has not been smooth all through.

Mormon Musician Lindsey Stirling Finding Success on ‘Dancing With The Stars'[/tweetthis]

It came at a difficult time when she was dealing with a breakup. In her comment, Lindsey said that “It’s been hard to push through all this while feeling a lot inside.”

The dance has depicted the desire of Lindsey to settle and have her family. The theme of the night was Guilty Pleasures Night which majorly focused on fun without elimination. Many have loved the creativity and imagination that the duo Mark and Stirling showcased.

They came on stage with matching pajamas to set a staging of a couple’s bedroom. The judges were generous with their compliments directed towards the couple. Lindsey graced the mood even better by confessing that she prefers to be in her pajamas all day long. Len, a judge, said that it was a dance of the season.

Carrie Ann was also quick to note that Stirling and Ballas delivered a masterpiece style of loose swing. While Stirling was able to perform well in the dance, she has not had much practice. This shows that the couple has a chance to make even better performances in the future.
The competition has made Stirling stronger emotionally.

Fans are sure to have a treat in next week’s Most Memorable Year Night before everything climaxing into the Halloween specials. The top performers have not been able to retain their positions thanks to the stiff competition. The important thing for Stirling is that so far she has had a good time in the dance. She appreciates the input that Ballas puts in to make the duo successful.


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