Mormon Church Donates to Child Abuse Victims

Mormon Church Donates to Child Abuse Victims

Mormon Church Donates to Child Abuse Victims

LDS donated $50,000 to the Children’s Justice Center

Female leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donated $50,000 to Children's Justice Center.[/tweetit] The LDS church has taken a firm stand against child abuse.

The Children's Justice Center or CJC provides abuse victims an agreeable environment to share their personal stories with the police. CJC also links victims to counselors. The leaders also made a donation of $25,000 to a Bolivian organization, A Breeze of Hope Foundation which serves sexual violence victims.

Mormon Church Donates to Child Abuse Victims[/tweetthis]

Sister Jean B. Bingham, the general president of Relief Society, said: “It’s very, very important to support these wonderful groups.” She was joined by the members of Primary general and Young Women presidencies at the center. She said the LDS church recognizes it as a problem of society and something which also affects members and it is natural the church wants to support such wonderful organizations. Sister Cristina B. Franco, the second counselor in the Primary general presidency, represents over one million children of both sexes under 12 years of age in church. She hoped the money will help the children to obtain better treatment.

The CJC operates from 23 addresses present in Utah. These funds will be utilized to offer much-needed modernization programs to facilities present in rural areas. Tracy Tabet, the CJC administrator, put it succinctly when she said kids in rural places like Blanding will enjoy the same facilities as a child in Salt Lake County. Bingham pointed out the little towns need such resources like big cities. Many CJC representatives believe CJC could assist to fill the gap. Bingham added, “It’s critical for children to feel they have a safe space.”

The LDS church hopes this donation sends a clear message it will do everything to help abuse victims. Bonnie Cordon, the General President of Young Women, said abuse is common everywhere. It is a problem found in every community, and we are all in some way a part of it. Abuse is a problem of society and not the church.

Susanne Mitchell, director, Salt Lake County Children's Justice Center, said the support from the LDS Church is vital to keeping children safe “There's children out there that continue to suffer in silence. We want them to come forward and get help, and we want to have the ability to serve them with all the necessary resources to give them what they need.”


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