You Don't Want to be Left Behind Do You? Be Like The Camerons!

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Kirk Cameron’s new website ‘TheCourage’ helps families build traditional values

Kirk Cameron, the actor, best known for his role in Growing Pains, has created a website to offer enlightenment and encouragement to families . He refers to the website as a “digital destination” and has given it the name TheCourage. The site is supposedly a counterculture digital brick thrown in the present-day culture wars.

TheCourage succinctly puts its purpose across in its “About" section, describing itself as a digital destination created to inspire and provide hope to individuals. It also wants to call individuals to a better world, especially when it comes to culture, faith, and family. In his blog post, Cameron took the aim a little further, saying it is now the time for Christians to acquire the necessary courage to adopt a counter-cultural attitude and maintain humility in oneself at the same time.

As per Cameron, the goal of TheCourage is to be a digital destination saturated with fun, inspirational, encouraging, and challenging content. The website will dip into areas of culture, faith, and family. The actor emphasized his digital creation to be a destination where community and thoughtful dialogue will be encouraged.

For Kirk Cameron, TheCourage is not the first venture of the Christian kind. He has tasted success in impressing multiple American families scattered all over the country that his products are a safe place to take every day life's varied pressures. The actor has pushed his agenda through a recently released film bearing the name Kirk Cameron: CONNECT. The film provided actionable assistance for parents wanting to bring up their kids in a social media-riddled world.

Critics have heavily come down on the website. They point out TheCourage is a Christian bullet targeted towards susceptible families. By the word “family,” they point out that Cameron meant the conservative Christian definition of the term, a heterosexual one. He willfully ignores other kinds of families like couples of the same sex. TheCourage and its accompanying digital presence do nothing to help families suffering from child abuse and digital violence. It also keeps mum on what honest families of poor means will do if rich families of their children's classmates keep guns in their house and do not hesitate to make a point using such firearms.

Liberals criticized the website on its stated aim to push Christians to restore the earth to its once supposedly heavenly culture from the so-called decayed one present at this time. They said that it is ridiculous as Cameron believes women should follow what their husbands do, and children must obey and not ask critical questions.


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