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Kirk Cameron Creates New Website to Help Develop Your Traditional Family Values

Kirk Cameron's new website 'TheCourage' helps families build traditional values Kirk Cameron, the actor, best known for his role in Growing Pains, has created

Does A Banana Prove God Existence?

Does A Banana Prove God’s Existence?

New Movie The Fool About Ray Comfort and The Banana Fallacy Bananas: delicious fruit, Gwen Stefani anthem, and possibly the proof that God exists?

Through a Movie Creationist Kirk Cameron Is Going to Heal Our Divided Nation

Kirk Cameron will be joined in this effort by like-minded friends Anyone who reads the news knows that the United States of America is

Ray Comfort's 'The Atheist Delusion' Asks Atheists to Rethink Their Disbelief

Ray Comfort’s ‘The Atheist Delusion’ Asks Atheists to Rethink Their Disbelief

Why do millions deny the obvious? New in depth documentary on why atheists reject the very thought of God. Ray Comfort, Christian Evangelist and

Stephen Baldwin Says Gays Can Marry, but Only if They Start Their Own Churches

Stephen Baldwin's views on same-sex marriage and the church On July 19, 50-year-old Usual Suspects Actor Stephen Baldwin gave controversial and baffling views regarding

Commentary: Why Kirk Cameron’s Interpretation of the Teaching of a Wife’s Submission in Marriage Is Unbiblical

Kirk Cameron got his Biblical interpretation of husband and wife wrong. In Ephesians 5:22-24 of the New International Version of the Bible, we read:

Kirk Cameron saving Christmas

Kirk Cameron Spreading Joy With ‘Saving Christmas’

Kirk Cameron's 2014 film 'Saving Christmas' aims to get viewers into the holiday spirit. Kirk Cameron, Christian actor/film producer says that he is hoping

Bure Behar

Candace Cameron Bure and Joy Behar In Heated Debate over Creation and Evolution on ‘The View’

Joy Behar and Candace Cameron Bure engaged in a powerful discussion about creation and evolution on The View. Dr. Ben Carson’s view about science

Kirk Cameron Leads by Example, Celebrates 24 Years of Marriage Ahead of ‘Love Worth Fighting For’ Marriage Event Marriage Event

Devoted Christian actor Kirk Cameron celebrates 24 years of marriage ahead of upcoming marriage symposium. On July 20, 2015, actor and devoted Christian Kirk

Saving Christmas Hacked

Kirk Cameron’s ‘Saving Christmas’ Already Facing Grinches

Filmmaker Kirk Cameron plans to keep the Christ in Christmas with his next film, "Saving Christmas" coming November 14th, but hackers are playing Grinch.