Through a Movie Creationist Kirk Cameron Is Going to Heal Our Divided Nation

Via video screenshot
Via video screenshot
Kirk Cameron will be joined in this effort by like-minded friends

Anyone who reads the news knows that the United States of America is now going through divisive times. Of all people, one person, the evangelist and creationist Kirk Cameron, claims to have found a solution to make America whole again[/tweetit]. His solution? His own movie with the decidedly unimaginative name of Revive Us 2. He has also called yet another “National Family Meeting.”

Through a Movie Creationist Kirk Cameron Is Going to Heal Our Divided Nation[/tweetthis]

Cameron, who first came into the public sphere as an actor in the sitcom Growing Pains, does not forget to remind his audience he held his first “National Family Meeting” prior to the 2016 presidential elections. He then talked about how to revive the nation's heartbeat. He claims that the previous meeting diagnosed what ails the United States and then successfully made America a healthy country again.

Cameron said he believes a faith-centric family is best to lead the correct way. This is the reason he and his party are going to provide a night of unity, hope, and courage. They are going to show the people the path to collaborate together across all divides. The whole process will be powered by faith and God's love.

Cameron, in a response to an interview question said, “I travel across the country, and you would be shocked at how many millions of people are not racist, are not bigots, are not insensitive to the socioeconomic issues, who are not greedy, who are not divided and contentious over gender. Instead, they really and truly want to see ways of coming together across all of these things and be a blessing to one another. I'm one of those people, and I know and millions of others like that.

They're saying things like, "how can I get engaged? How can I stay connected so I can create the culture I want for my children rather than complaining about the culture that I see for my children?" At Revive Us 2, we'll talk about practical ways to demonstrate our faith, put our values forward, and put heat to our prayers.”

The Revive Us 2 movie will be exhibited in American movie theaters for two nights. The first night will be October 24 and the second night will be a rebroadcast on November 1. The second one will be broadcast from Washington DC's Museum of the Bible. The previous Revive Us was attended by more than 150,000 people. The creationist and evangelist will be joined by his famous friends like Trillia Newbell, Dr. Ben Carson, Joni Eareckson Tada and Ravi Zacharias. Other collaborators are the filmmakers Stephen and Alex Kendrick and Christian Cuevas and Zach Williams.


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