Devra Gregory Showcases Spiritual and Personal Transformation

Woman in the mirror

Devra Gregory endeavors to take her audience on a personal journey through the transformations in her life,  from tiny ballerina to Michael Jackson impersonator to storyteller in this solo production.

In her one-woman show, Devra Gregory has told the story of her spiritual and personal changes.  Her show, “Woman in the Mirror,” chronicles her life as she follows her dreams from being a professional dancer to impersonating the King of Pop; her spiritual journey from her Jewish roots to her rise as a Wiccan priestess are also a large part of the story.

A play on the title of Jackson’s hit song, “Man in the Mirror,” Gregory’s “Woman in the Mirror, A Dancer’s Journey” just finished playing at San Diego’s Horton Grand Theatre.  Performed by Devra Gregory and co-written by Gregory and Jessica Bird, she says the show “combines elements of truth with this alternate reality” and that it is her “real life story.”

At just 6 years old, Gregory got started in ballet.  Through the intervening years, she progressed through modern and jazz dancing, as well as exotic dancing and burlesque.  For almost a decade and a half, Gregory, now in her middle fifties, has been impersonating Michael Jackson.

As she grew as a dancer, she was also growing spiritually.  Born into and raised in a household of the Jewish faith, during her teen years she began to pull away from the traditions of Judaism and began exploring practices popular in the East and New Age religions.  After a time of exploration, she found Wicca and has become a priestess.  Of her own journey and the honesty with which she tells her story, she says she wanted others “to be inspired to transform their own lives into something better.”


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