Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham Accuses Islam of Being a ‘False Religion’

Franklin Graham

Reverend Franklin Graham said that President Barack Obama was “fundamentally mistaken” about radical Islam. He also said that “Islam is a false religion” and that “it is impossible for a false religion to be a true religion of peace.”

Franklin Graham, the reverend son of the widely recognized pastor Billy Graham for the evangelical church, recently voiced some bold opinions against the Islamic religion and the speech by President Obama regarding their peaceful nature. Within the blog post, the Reverend uses strong language to attempt to expose his interpretation of Islam, particularly radical followers and terrorists. By referencing multiple terroristic events that have occurred over the past few years, Franklin Graham attempted to formulate the argument that Islam is a fake religion and the believers are threats to our society.

Criticisms of Islam

Graham questionably groups the entire Muslim community together with the extremists and other radicals that do not represents the whole population. Every group of people, particularly religions, have some hardcore followers that propel the philosophies to the extremes. He speaks of an Iranian American that has been imprisoned and tortured by certain Muslims for years. The blog post also references his previous speech in Washington D.C. that speaks about the previously terrible events committed by terrorists recently, such as the Boston Marathon bombing.

Additionally, he says that George Bush made similar statements that attempted to highlight the positive, peaceful aspects of the religion. Therefore, we can conclude that the rant is purely religiously fueled, rather than a certain political agenda. However, the legitimacy of the argument is still unfounded. He mentions the lack of Muslim denouncement when horribly tragic events occur. Though, groups affiliated with Muslims from around the world have come together to support America and demoralize the actions of the radical fringe. Even though Graham clearly disproves of the comments made by the President, he does voice support for the deployment of troops to the Middle East to fight Islamic terrorism.


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