Muslims Discriminated at Work in England

Is It Impossible To Be A British Muslim?

Muslims Discriminated at Work in England
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New Study Shows Pattern of Discrimination

A Social Mobility Commission research found that young UK Muslims may find their career path harder due to Islamophobia. The findings state that only one in about five or 19.8 percent of the Muslim population aged between 16 years and 74 years is employed full time. In Wales, the employed Muslim population is one in three or 34.9 percent. Young British Muslims feel that a number of jobs are lost to them due to ethnic sounding names. Those with names other than British ones are much less probable to receive interview calls.
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The survey also found that despite Muslims having high resilience and a robust work ethic, the benefits of excellent academic results does not seep into the workplace. Only six percent of Muslims get to join professional jobs. The figure is 10 percent when it comes to the overall UK employable England and Wales population. The study revealed that only 19.8 percent of the Muslims aged from 16 years to 74 years enjoyed full-time employment, For the overall population, the figure came to 34.9 percent.

The research also revealed that among Muslims, women are encouraged to get married and subsequently become mothers. Employment of females is kept at a lower pedestal. It is found that about 18 percent of the Muslim women aged between 16 years and 74 years were recorded to be taking care of their family. The same duty was carried out by six percent of the overall British women population.

It is reported that discrimination starts at school. Teachers frequently have low or even stereotypical expectations of their Muslim students. The latter compounded the problem by not asking for help as they are afraid that the action will make them targets for harassment or bullying. Muslim women also felt an identical fear of harassment. Female Muslim respondents said they are afraid that wearing a headscarf may lead to further discrimination.

Alan Milburn, who heads the government backed Social Mobility Commission, and who is also a former cabinet minister, said the research revealed a disturbing image. He said that the promise of hard work being rewarded by commensurate gains is being broken in case of young British Muslims. Researchers found that many employed Muslims found British workplace culture hard to navigate. Many Muslims cited the example of alcohol drinking which many devout Muslims found hard to join in. The report was backed by another report. Dame Louise Casey was the author of the latter.


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