How Do I Become a Baha’i?

How Do I Become a Baha’i?

How Do I Become a Baha’i?

Guide On How To Begin Personal Spiritual Journey

Abdu’l-Baha once gave the definition of a Baha’i as “someone who loves and serves all humanity.” Therefore, becoming a Baha’i does not involve a ceremony or particular observance. Baha’is do not engage in rituals or baptism and do not have a clergy.

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The path towards becoming one is purely personal, spiritual, and heartfelt. You become a true Baha’i when you start to believe in Baha’u’llah and in the teachings of Baha’i. You simply need to make an individual commitment to follow the teachings of Baha’u’llah.

One who truly desires to join the Baha’i faith goes through an inner process of finding spiritual guidance and wisdom. They discover the Baha’i teachings, explore them, and begin to acknowledge and love Baha’u’llah and his message of the restoration of one world faith and unity of all people. The believer begins to identify with the internal mystical truths and the social purpose of the religion.

The path of search may take a lifetime for some people; however, others may recognize the truth of the Baha’i teachings instantly. The religion does not prescribe a timeline or right or wrong pathway of search and discovery. The members believe that each person walks a personal spiritual journey and makes their own personal decision. After one as walked the mystical path and has looked inside their soul, he or she is close to achieving complete transformation to a Baha’i.

The physical procedure of becoming a Baha’i and a member of the Faith is effortless and depends on the religious and civil laws of a country. In most countries, you will just sign a Baha’i declaration card that declares your wish to become a Baha’i. Through it you recognize “Baha’u’llah as the Bearer of God’s Message for this Day” and his teachings. You acknowledge the authority of institutions that manage the dealings of the community.

Accepting the Baha’i Faith is entirely voluntary. Once you sign for membership, you will be welcomed by your local Baha’i community and worldwide. You become one with peace, justice, unity and love, the pillars of Baha’u’llah’s Revelation. This brings you great peace, joy, and freedom.


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