‘God’s Not Dead 2’ Fixates on Christian Persecution in Schools

God’s Not Dead 2, Fixates on Christian Persecution in Schools

‘God’s Not Dead 2’ Fixates on Christian Persecution in Schools
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‘God’s Not Dead 2’ focuses on Christian persecution in schools and has a guest appearance by Mike Huckabee.

The movie God's Not Dead was a financial success in 2014. The movie was made for only $2 million and saw revenues of approximately $62.6 million. The fictional film shows a student's valiant attempt to defend his faith when it was attacked by a teacher. The latter belittles the student and his steadfast faith at all times and whenever he gets an opportunity. The film ends with the teacher exhaling his last breath in a car crash. However, before he dies, the teacher welcomes Jesus to his heart. In other words, it was a perfect ending for a faith-centric movie.

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Now two years after its box office success, it’s sequel is all set to be released. The theme of the second film, without any surprise, is ripped out of contemporary headlines. The storyline again follows a certain kind of plot. It concerns a history teacher in high school (played by Melissa Joan Hart) who is questioned by her student about the similarities among the teachings of Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. The teacher responds and says that Christ inspired King's non-violence. This statement gets her into troubles with the school officials. The latter demand that they apologize for violating separation between state and church.

The parents of the student then join up against the teacher, saying that Jesus never was a historical figure. The movie makes such a case for spirituality that it literally preaches to the choir. Among the secular, the film has negligible attraction. The only compensating point was that the villains come out looking pretty level headed and reasonable at the end of the film.

The two films take advantage of those Christians who suffer a persecution complex. According to Mike Huckabee, Christians are being persecuted. He cites the examples of Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage certificates because it violated her conscience and religious beliefs. He cites instance where people are “criminalized” and then fined $185,000 because they refused to cater a wedding cake for a gay couple. The former Arkansas Governor said that Christians are being persecuted simply for their faith. The film, in his own words, is an effort to push back in a legal manner.

God's Not Dead will be in theaters April 1.


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