Who gets to speak for God?

Who gets to speak for God?

Who gets to speak for God?

Examination of both serious and comical takes on being a conduit for God

If you believe in God then you are more likely to believe that He speaks to certain individuals. The scope is determined by each person. Some may believe he only speaks to specific individuals, while others may think He speaks to every single person. But the real question is what would the message be and how would we know if it is true?

Paul worried about the possibility of misinterpretating the message of God or potentially shaping it for personal reasons “Lord, keep us faithful to Your Word, Although, at times, we might rephrase; And help us never twist its truths. To justify our selfish ways.” Moses seemed more militant about others speaking for God without his blessing, “that prophet must die.” But we hear about religious and political leaders claiming that God spoke to them to determine a specific agenda issue or message. WRN has reported that some televangelist promoting the “seed theory” of Christian doctrine have heard God tell them “you need to get another private jet.”

God’s message has also been used for entertainment purposes. The Broadway play “An Act of God” is about God possessing a human body to make His intentions clear and to answer questions. This is a build-up to his new 10 Commandments, which include “Thou shalt not tell Me what to do” or Thou shalt not tell Me what to bless, damn, forbid, forsake, or speed, or whose queen to save.”

Or Maybe you have heard about Jesus Christ’s Radio Show? Oh, you don’t know? A radio personality has a call-in show where he answers questions as he believes Jesus would.

It is a difficult line to draw by pointing out that clearly Jesus does not have a radio show, but a televangelist clearly has a hotline to the Almighty. It requires what all religious statements really require. Faith. And faith does not have an ultimate arbitrator. You cannot discern or measure any of these statements. Unless the intention is clearly labeled as false, anyone could actually believe they are hearing God or could be lying.


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