Devilishly Good: ‘Hail Satan?’ - TST Documentary at Sundance

Devilishly Good: ‘Hail Satan?’ Satanic Temple Documentary Premieres at Sundance

In her documentary Hail Satan?, director Penny Lane demystifies The Satanic Temple and its rituals. Hail Satan? premiered on January 25 at Sundance Film

We Don't Take The 10 Commandments Seriously

We Don’t Take The Ten Commandments Seriously

Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shall not bear false witness. These commandments have been echoed in the collective consciousness of

Who gets to speak for God?

Who gets to speak for God?

Examination of both serious and comical takes on being a conduit for God If you believe in God then you are more likely to

TV Show Young Sheldon Pokes Fun At Organized Religion

TV Show ‘Young Sheldon’ Pokes Fun At Organized Religion

TV Show Young Sheldon Pokes Fun At Organized Religion New Religion “Mathology” Is Created on the show. Benjamin Franklin, when picking which religious belief

Texas mall Ten Commandments

Texas Mall Installs Ten Commandments Monument

It is the signature trademark of Bushman, the mall owner Shoppers at the Music City Mall located at Vista Ridge in Lewisville will be

Atheist Flag To FLy Above 10 Commandments

Atheist Flag Will Fly Over Ten Commandments Monument in New Hampshire

Flag Will Go Up In The Winter An Atheist flag is scheduled to fly above the Ten Commandments monument in Somersworth, New Hampshire this

Destruction of Arkansas Ten Commandments Monument Forces Satanic Temple to Postpone Lawsuit

The Satanic Temple is dropping charges, but vows to resume the lawsuit if the monument is installed again. On June 28, a monument

The Satanic Temple Fights Arkansas’ Attempt to Block Capitol Monument, Demands Public Hearing

After Arkansas House passed a Bill to block Satanic monument request, Satanist organization issues legal demand for public hearing The Satanic Temple (TST), an

How One Woman Has Learned to Observe Shavuot Without Cheese

Learning how to survive Shavuot when you're gluten-free and dairy-free. Deborah A. Beverly struggles with her food issues during Jewish holidays. When Shavuot approaches,

Oklahoma Opens Vote to Bring Ten Commandments Monument Back

Oklahoma Opens Vote to Bring Ten Commandments Monument Back

Voters will decide if the Ten Commandments Monument should be allowed on Oklahoma Capitol grounds. Republican officials in Oklahoma are engaged in efforts to