Texas mall Ten Commandments

Texas Mall Installs Ten Commandments Monument

Texas mall Ten Commandments
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It is the signature trademark of Bushman, the mall owner

Shoppers at the Music City Mall located at Vista Ridge in Lewisville will be surprised by a new exhibit on display[/tweetit]- a stone tablet inscribed with Ten Commandments. The tablet is eight-foot in height and occupies a prominent position inside the mall. The Ten Commandments tablet was installed at the behest of John Bushman, the latest owner of the mall.

Texas Mall Installs Ten Commandments Monument[/tweetthis]

The same mall has changed ownership multiple times after it was built. Locals and most shoppers still call the mall by its old name, the Vista Ridge Mall. Like other malls, the Lewisville has given its shoppers and visitors alluring post-Christmas bargains. Lest it be considered that the Ten Commandments slab is one of many marketing tricks the mall is employing to attract the devout shopper, it is not so.

Bushman, the present owner, has a number of malls in his commercial property portfolio. He has installed similar slabs inscribed with the Ten Commandments at every mall included in his portfolio. Other than the easily noticeable tablet, the mall has undergone a number of changes, like the inclusion of live events and musical performances. New restaurants have set shop in the mall.

Bushman knows that he can do anything he wants inside the mall as it is his private property. It should also be assumed that the tablets may not do anything much except preach to the converted. No one who wants to be near to God will enter the mall premises to attain that revelation. The mall itself is open during the weekend, a violation of the Biblical script. The movie hall located within the mall projects films that will surely be against what the scripture says. Since mall visitors are mostly teenagers, they come to the mall to get away from their parents-yet another anti-Biblical action within the mall premises. It is also a truth that shops inside the mall wants the visitor to covet what they have put on display. The only ideal Biblical sign inside the mall should be a few lines against stealing.

Managers of the mall are aware of the incongruity of it all. They say that the display of the Ten Commandments was not done to attract customers. They point out that installing stone inscriptions like this are not done to stoke a controversy or make a statement. Incidentally, foggy weather prevented Bushman to attend the stone's unveiling ceremony.


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