Grand Junction

Me Want Big Hunks: 10 Commandments Monument Mayor Arrested for Shoplifting

Colorado Mayor Reford Theobold forgot about the "Thou Shalt Not Steal" commandment. The two-time Grand Junction Mayor who insisted on erecting a Ten Commandments

Aviya Kushner Grammar of God

‘The Grammar of God’: How Grammatical Nuances can Change the Meaning of the Bible

Photo via Aviya Kushner explains the importance of grammar in the Bible in her book The Grammar of God. Aviya Kushner has obsessed

Indiana Cannabis Church

Indiana’s RFRA Paves Way for Church of Cannabis

Bill Levin has officially established the First Church of Cannabis after Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. In response to the Religious Freedom

Sunday Assembly, dubbed “Atheist Church” opens in Chapel Hill, NC

The latest location of the fast growing godless congregation launched earlier this month in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Founded in January of 2013, Sunday

Atheist Commandments

Atheists Write Their Own 10 Commandments

Atheists host the Re-Think Prize, a contest to come up with their own list of 10 Commandments to live by with Mythbusters' Adam Savage