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Me Want Big Hunks: 10 Commandments Monument Mayor Arrested for Shoplifting

Grand Junction
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Colorado Mayor Reford Theobold forgot about the “Thou Shalt Not Steal” commandment.

The two-time Grand Junction Mayor who insisted on erecting a Ten Commandments monument outside city hall, Reford Theobold, was arrested a couple of days ago on the basis of shoplifting.

‘Me Want Big Hunks’: 10 Commandments Mayor Arrested for Shoplifting.[/tweetthis]

An officer’s statement in the summons reads as follows: “Reford Theobold, 61, was ticketed at about noon on Friday on suspicion of theft by shoplifting after an employee of Cabela’s, 2424 U.S. Highway 6 and 50, observed Theobold take several Big Hunk candy bars, hiding them in a file folder and walk past registers without paying. Theobold also had two maps which weren’t paid for.”

Now it is actually very surprising that Theobold, who runs TNT Productions, the advertising and Telemarketing Company of Grand Junction, as well as the Grand Junction Lion’s Club 2014 Lion of the Year winner would shoplift such minor things. He was held in such high regards that a skybox at Stocker Stadium was credited to his name.

Theobold gained his moment of success when he led the City’s desperate attempt to evade the U.S. Constitution. He did this by coming up with a brilliant idea. And the best part was that he was successfully able to implement it. He spent $64,000 of taxpayer’s money on building cornerstones in front of City Hall. Each of these read the ten commandments of the U.S. Constitution. The tourist regard it as “Graveyard in front of City Hall” and locals call it the “Trample on the Bill of Rights Plaza.” And when you visit the site, you will actually feel like you are on the graveyard by looking at the manner in which the cornerstones are popping up from the ground.

And all his spending did not go in vain. The ACLU dropped its suit against the City. Even though this project cost an outrageous amount of money and a huge negative response from the local citizens, it did serve its purpose in the end. By constructing such a monument, it just showed to what extent the City was willing to go to snub the Constitution Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

But now it looks like all Reford’s efforts are coming back at him. He is scheduled to appear in court and face charges on December 29.


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