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In Final Documentary George Michael says “I Felt Picked on by God”

George Michael documentary
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He died shortly after the documentary crew finished filming

George Michael, arguably one of the most influential musicians in history, passed away on Christmas Day in 2016. His death left his many fans distraught. However, they had their solace in his final project, the documentary named Freedom, focused on the singer during his final days. Britain's Channel 4 premiered the documentary on October 16.

In Final Documentary George Michael says “I Felt Picked on by God”[/tweetthis]

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Listen Without Prejudice Amazon
Freedom was directed by George Michael himself, along with David Austin, his friend. The 1 hour 50 minute documentary chronicles how the 1990 release Listen Without Prejudice was made. It also chronicles how the singer had a legal battle with the record label he was associated with during that time.

Viewers flooded social media, publicly expressing sorrow for his death. The singing legend bared all during the special program. One fan wrote, “What a tortured soul that amazingly talented man was.” Another tweeted, “my heart is breaking and soaring all at the same time. So much I never knew. A great documentary.” Many of them confessed they miss him extremely. One fan said that the person grew up listening to Michael's soulful voice.

For George Michael himself, he openly described his life as a “waste of time.” He admitted that he felt “picked on by God.” The words were uttered in context over losing Anselmo Feleppa to AIDS. His statement clearly showed how much Feleppa occupied his mind and the singer described him as his first love. The documentary showed the singer confessing everything about his battles with fame, love life, and music. The end scenes are particularly haunting, showing the singer carefully crafting his own and deeply personal epitaph. The singer died 36 hours after the documentary got finished.

For Michael, Feleppa played a major role in his life. In the documentary, he described the latter as his life's love. The singer was frightened when Feleppa was sick with AIDS during the early 1990s. He died in 1993. Michael said that he was terrified of losing his lover. Michael said, “It was the most frightening time of my life.” I was terrified of losing him. He was my savior. Finding a companion at that time in my life changed me.”

His mother was suffering from cancer at that time and was extremely depressed. The two met each other at a hotel and fell in love at first sight. The documentary includes contributions from a long list of associates and friends, including Kate Moss, his neighbor.


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