Is The United States Surrendering To Russia Over Religious Freedom?

Is The United States Surrendering To Russia On Religious Freedom?

Secretary Of Defense Mike Pompeo’s Recent Statements Seem Hollow President Trump’s summit with Russia is continuing to have fallout. First, Trump has been accused

You Are Wrong if You Think College Attacks Religion

You’re Wrong If You Think Universities Attack Religion

The Misguided Attacks on Religion Are Designed Around Scapegoating Not Religious Freedom In the 1962 musical The Music Man, con artist Harold Hill is

George Michael documentary

In Final Documentary George Michael says “I Felt Picked on by God”

He died shortly after the documentary crew finished filming George Michael, arguably one of the most influential musicians in history, passed away on Christmas

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Rumored to be a Pick for U.S. Religious Freedom Ambassador

The position of ambassador for religious freedom might just find the right fit Rumors have been floating around that Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback, could

Philosopher Who Legitimized Theism in Academic Philosophy Named Templeton Prize Laureate

Professor Alvin Plantinga awarded 2017 Templeton Prize for his philosophy work. Alvin Plantinga, who worked at the Calvin College between 1963 and 1982, and

Angelina Jolie Condemns Trump’s Muslim Ban

Angelina Jolie responds to Trump's ban on immigration from Muslim-majority countries. Actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie came down heavily against the refugee ban by

Mercedes Benz Apologizes for Promotional Post Quoting Dalai Lama

Why Dalai Lama is Still “Hopeful About the World’s Future”

Dalai Lama opinion piece "Why I’m Hopeful About the World’s Future" for The Washington Post. An opinion piece, published in The Washington Post Monday,

Non-Jews are Adopting the Passover Seder Too

The sacred Jewish tradition of Seder is becoming highly popular among non-Jews. The Passover Seder is a sacred Jewish tradition. It is a ritual

Happiness is Not in an App Says Pope Francis

Pope Francis tells teens to get their noses out of their smartphones to find love and freedom. Pope Francis told the thousands of young

Ted Cruz Screens ‘God’s Not Dead 2’ in Wisconsin

Senator Ted Cruz enjoys a 'God's Not Dead 2' showing during his campaign stop in Wisconsin. Senator Ted Cruz connected with the people of