How One Man Went from Drug Addict to Catholic Priest

Father Donald Calloway is a former drug runner turned Catholic priest.

Father Donald Calloway began his spiritual journey one despairing night in his room when he began reading a book about the Blessed Virgin Mary. Although 21-year old was born in a Catholic family, he was completely cut away from religion as an atheist youngster, drowned in the world of drugs, alcohol, and anti-social behavior. That night sparked a flame in the boy and today, he is a Catholic priest with the Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

How One Man Went from Drug Addict to Catholic Priest[/tweetthis]

Born in Virginia to a Catholic, military family, Donald was a defiant kid. When his family moved to Southern California when he was 10, he fell prey to the Southern Californian lifestyle within no time. By the time he turned 13, Donald was already living a life centered on pleasure leading to drug-addiction, rehab, jail, and despair.

Naturally, the sudden announcement his father made that the family would be moving to Japan, caused a lot of anger in the teen. However, Donald quickly made friends with like-minded people in Japan, and became associated with the Yakuza, one of Japan's largest and most notorious gangs. And at the age of 15, Donald was running money and drugs for Yakuza.

Wanted by the American and Japanese authorities Donald eventually was caught and sent to a rehabilitation center which he’d relapse shortly after being released. It was then he came across the book about Mary found his way to God. Next morning, young Donald spoke to his mother about his experience and went to a nearby church to visit a priest.

Father Calloway believes that God used the Virgin Mary to reach him. He says no matter how much a person has sinned. God's mercy is always there.


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