Elderly Jewish Man Shot Outside Synagogue

Elderly Jewish Man Shot Outside Synagogue

Elderly Jewish Man Shot Outside Synagogue
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68-year old shot six times in drive-by

A North Miami Beach Synagogue was the location of a drive-by shooting. A Jewish man was the unfortunate victim of the shooting. The synagogue president has condemned the attack as cowardice.

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68-year old Yosef Lipshultz was shot six times. The synagogue president, Damon Salzman, said that the attack took place after 6:30 pm while Yosef was waiting at Young Israel of Greater Miami for services to start. Lipshultz or as he is known in Hebrew, Yoseph Noach ben Leah Tzivyah, is in a stable condition after receiving emergency surgery.

Salzman released a statement which said that Yosef was known to sit outside the synagogue on regularly waiting for services to start. Salzman continued, “It does not take a criminal mastermind to shoot an elderly person sitting on a bench. It does not take terrorist to try and kill someone isolated and defenseless. It takes a coward. It takes someone without courage to attack an elderly defenseless man sitting in front of a place of sanctuary.”

The police have said that their initial investigation has revealed that a gunman in a black Chevrolet Impala opened fire at Lipshultz. Lipshultz was shot in the lower part of his body.

Alvaro Zabaleta, a spokesperson for the police, has said that they can’t categorize the crime as a hate crime yet. Alvaro went on to say that the classification of a crime as a hate crime requires several elements to be present.

“People are scared. I have received calls asking if it is safe to go to the synagogue,” Salzman said.

Salzman has said that now is the time for the community to unite as they are faced with violence and help with Lipshultz’s recovery.


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