Trump Liberty University

Donald Trump Claims He Will Protect Christians at Liberty University

Trump Liberty University

Trump vows to protect Christians in a tripped up speech on Virginia campus.

With the Iowa caucus looming near, Donald Trump, the Republican presidential contender, has set his sights squarely towards evangelical Christians. He claimed that he will protect Christians in front of a largely approving 100,000 students at Liberty University located in Lynchburg, Virginia campus.

The Trump Claims He Will Protect Christians at Liberty University[/tweetthis]

Trump, who was raised Presbyterian, announced that Christianity is under siege- and nearly tripped up his speech when he attempted to made biblical references to support his candidacy. Donald referred to Second Corinthians as “Two Corinthians” which made the audience laugh. The GOP candidate, however, drew applause when he spoke about the bible verse from which Liberty University takes its name: “Where there the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” Many members of the audience were not impressed, saying that Trump is saying what he thinks will appeal to his audience, and not necessarily what be believes in.

Trump is not the sole presidential contender to give a speech at Liberty during the current presidential election cycle. He was actually the fourth. Before him was three Republican contenders: Jeb Bush, the former Governor of Florida, Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Ted Cruz. Senator Bernie Sanders, the contender from the Democratic party also gave a speech here.

Trump came to Liberty at the behest of an invitation to give a speech at the compulsory “convocation” held every week. Liberty University was founded by Late Reverend Jerry Falwell for the promotion of Christian centered views of the world to powerful figures in society. Jerry Falwell Jr. administers the school at present.

Liberty University's past convocations have brought in politicians, entertainers, business executives, opinion leaders and star athletes. Prominent speakers include Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice-president of National Rifle Association.

Republican presidential contenders were quick to take advantage of Liberty University's pro-liberal Republican leaning ethos. Cruz announced his candidacy from the college grounds in March 2015 in front of cheering students. Falwell introduced Cruz as a Southern Baptist, whose father was a preacher and also said that the college does not offer either support or oppose any candidates running for public office.

Falwell, however, was effusive in his praise for Donald Trump. He compared the billionaire to his father and said that Trump is type of entrepreneur the U.S. needs. Although he did not directly endorse him, Falwell said that like his father, Trump was the kind of man who would fearlessly- and without political correctness-speak his mind. 


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