New Hampshire Exit Poll Shows 2/3rds of Republicans Support Muslim Ban

New Hampshire Exit Poll Shows 2/3rds of Republicans Support Muslim Ban

Most New Hampshire GOP voters favor Trump’s call for Muslim ban. The New Hampshire primaries spewed out one jarring statistic: approximately two-thirds of Republican

Presidential debate

Your Guide to the Religions of the 7 U.S. Presidential Candidates

What are the religious beliefs of the 7 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidates? Aside from their political goals or platforms, the Republican and Democratic presidential

Trump Liberty University

Donald Trump Claims He Will Protect Christians at Liberty University

Trump vows to protect Christians in a tripped up speech on Virginia campus. With the Iowa caucus looming near, Donald Trump, the Republican presidential

Daily News gun control

Cover of NY Daily News Criticizes Prayers Offered for Shooting Victims

The newspaper says stricter gun control laws are more important than prayers. No punches were pulled by The New York Daily News in the

“Shameful”: Obama’s Reply to the Republican Denial of Refugees

Political leaders are resistant to accept refugees into America, while Obama says discriminating based on religion is "shameful." Donald Trump responds: "Is our president

Jeb Bush Starts Religious Committee To Win Christian Support

Jeb Bush created the Religious Liberty Advisory Committee to protect the First Amendment. Jeb Bush, one of the Republican presidential candidates, has created a

Speeches by Pope Francis Will Have to Be Translated into English During U.S. Trip

Argentine Pope will deliver the majority of his speeches in Spanish because he is most comfortable speaking his native language. Pope Francis is ready

Meet “The Flower Man” Asking for Peace in Exchange for Blooms

Rod Webber, "The Flower Man," is taking a unique approach to the 2016 presidential campaign, asking for prayers of peace. Rod Webber looks like

Climate Change Republicans

American Right Criticizes Pope Francis’ Involvement in Climate Change Debate

Pope Francis says science shows that human activity is responsible for climate change and views the situation as a moral issue. Republicans speak out

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush Calls for Stronger ‘Christian Voice’ in face of Victimhood Narrative

Jeb Bush blasted Obama's administration on "Religious Freedom" and praises the need for a strong Christian voice while claiming Christian victimhood. While most of the Republican