Jeb Bush Starts Religious Committee To Win Christian Support


Jeb Bush created the Religious Liberty Advisory Committee to protect the First Amendment.

Jeb Bush, one of the Republican presidential candidates, has created a new religious committee to boost up his image for the forthcoming elections in 2016. The Religious Liberty Advisory Committee of Jeb Bush is a coalition of religious and political leaders that would be helpful to Jeb for identifying all the possible threats that stand in the way of the First Amendment. It will also provide its assistance to craft strategies for protecting the nation’s first freedom.

Jeb Bush Starts Religious Committee To Win Christian Support[/tweetthis]

Bush’s strategy is being looked upon by many as an effort to give a new boost to his shaky presidential campaign. It may be also a move on his part to woo all those religious conservative citizens who have been showing strong support for other Republican candidates like Ben Carson.

Until now, Jeb Bush has not been quite strong while speaking about issues related to religious liberty such as same-sex marriage that are being shown as being favored by several conservative voters. On the other hand, Marco Rubio, who is another major presidential candidate in the fray, has been demonstrating his comfort in taking up certain issues that resonate the sentiments of both Evangelical and Catholic conservatives.

However, if we follow the prevailing indications, the Religious Liberty Advisory Committee may not help him gain much of a lead. Though the figures involved in the committee may be high hitters either institutionally or intellectually, they are not a strong enough match for conservative voters to believe they are on the same page with their concerns. This is apt especially at a time when other presidential candidates like Ted Cruz are coordinating and conducting several rounds of discussions with the advocates of religious liberty in the United States of America.

Jeb’s commission has several high-profile personalities with names of political heavyweights like George W. Bush, Francis Rooney, Glendon Nicholson. The latter two had been Holy See’s ambassadors in the Bush administration.

But, merely having these big names in the committee may not help Jeb in fulfilling his objectives. Unfortunately, it is not 2000 anymore and it is high time that Jeb realizes it. It is no longer enough to easily get political mileage by opposing gay marriage and abortion to appease religious conservatives.

Today, things have drastically changed in the United States. The religious liberty commission of Jeb Bush gets a lukewarm response as his campaigns are received in general as restrained, dated, and overlooking those issues that motivate the primary voters of the Republican Party.


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