Date on the Bachelor has Long Conversation About Religion

Date on ‘The Bachelor’ Included Rare Talk on Religion

Date on the Bachelor has Long Conversation About Religion
Arie Luyendyk Jr, star of The Bachelor by Lutz H (Own work) [CC BY 2.0 de], via Wikimedia Commons
Arie is non-religious while Tia believes in God.

Arie and contestant Tia on The Bachelor reality show, did not take much time before they began to discuss serious topics.[/tweetit] The conversation is nothing extraordinary, but in the world of dumbed down television programs, it was a little short of a revolution. Although this was not the first time two contestants in any reality show discussed religious topics, this conversation stands out for its honesty. For the relationship, such depth of discussion is a positive sign.

Date on the Bachelor has Long Conversation About Religion[/tweetthis]

The initial setting for Tia and Arie’s conversation was on a fanboat when both spotted an alligator. The talk moved on to frog hunting. Both of them and the unseen audience felt it as a good start as it put Tia, the girl from the south, in a comfortable and happy mood for the remainder of the date. This comfort resulted in the frank and honest conversation the two had later during the day.

These turn of events were good for the program as the intended audience initially resisted the idea of Arie Luyendyk Jr. being the Bachelor. He was previously known to show audiences as the guy who held the runner-up position on The Bachelorette in 2012. The online populace was not happy with the choice made by ABC.

It did not help matters when Arie came under heavy criticism from Jef Holm, one of the former's good friends from the previous show criticized him when he was selected to be the star of the next installment of the program. Jef told his social media audience that he could tell them a lot of unsavory details. The latter described the former as a disgusting person.

Tia for her turn is an extremely interesting young lady. She has her own endearing traits. The physical therapist has a clear southern accent and an endearing sense of humor. Her social media feed is also a jovial one. Both Tia and Arie were diplomatic at first, with the woman asking the man whether he believes in a greater power. Arie replied in an indirect manner that he is not a religious person and makes his own personal decisions without leaving anything to any external influences. He added that he has issues with faith as he drives race cars and has seen many friends meet an untimely end or be gravely injured due to accidents.


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